Dana Overall's RV-7 Construction Site. This site is also under construction.
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Current status


Pic of the front.   The E-225 with 1486.81 SMOH under the cowl is pulling compressions in the high 60's to mid 70's.  The E-225 engine will pass annual with compressions in the low 50's.  The jugs are rechromed with 160.3 hours with 3 ring pistons.  The Hartzell prop also has 160.3 hours (model MV8433N, serial #'s J13618 & J13626) and is AD compliantStill a very, very strong E-225.  We have 10K in a second engine that goes with the airplane including yellow tagged, remanufactured case, crank, cam, rechromed cylinders, acc. case and yellow tagged rods.  We also have several boxes of various engine parts.
Under the cowl there is also a Precise Flight backup vacuum system with AD compliance and a Air/Oil Separator.  On the forward leading edge there are twin landing lights with a pulse switch on the panel for better visual acquisition.  Each light can be operated individually or as a pair in addition to pulse.


Just a pic of the rear to give you an idea of the flowing lines (like that:-) of the airplane.  The airplane is truly a head-turner.  The repaint is still a 9+, if not better.  Total time on airframe, 5027.6. 
The airplane does have the 20 Aux tank which increases the on board fuel to 60 gallons, making this Bo a true cross country airplane.   


I posted this pic to try and show the quality of the paint.  It is truly 9+, if not better.  I own it, but I'm not overstating the quality.


Pic of the instrument panel.   Down the left hand side you will find the KMA 24 TSO audio panel with marker beacons, KX155 TSO dual flip flop NAV/COM, Narco AT150 TSO transponder, IFR annunciator panel (hidden by yoke) and Garmin 300XL TSO IFR GPS/COM (It is IFR certified).  In the center top just above the fuel gauges is the STEC autopilot/TC combination.  The autopilot is coupled to the NAV and GPS.  All instruments are located directly in front of the pilot.  With the capability of the 300XL to offer progession selection of COM frequencies and dual 155 flip flop capabilities, you will never run out of frequency options. 


Valve guides on second engine cylinders.


Valve seats on second engine cylinders.


1/2 of second engine reworked case.  This case, cam, crank and rods were all sent to Aircraft Engine & Acc. in Texas.  They subsequently sent the accessory case out for contract rework.


One of the yellow tagged AEA rods.


The accessory case was reworked by AJAX, also of Texas, upon the recommendation of AEA.


One yellow tagged cam reworked by AEA.


The best for last.  One very beautiful crank.  My thinking was put this above the fireplace in the den.  Needless to say, my thought got quickly vetoed by a higher authority:-).  This is one seriously expensive piece of steel.  This was yellow tagged, once again, by AEA.