Dana Overall's RV-7 Construction Site. This site is also under construction.
sale 2
Trio Auto Pilot Install
Trio Install Day 2
Final Panel w/Trio
Vertical Stab
Horizontal Stab 1
Horizontal Stab 2
Horizontal Stab 3
Rudder 1
Rudder 2
Rudder 3
Elevator 1
Elevator 2
Elevator 3
Elevator 4
Elevator 5
Elevator 6
Elevator 7
Wings-Inspections panels
Wings-Rear Spar
Wings-Initial wing assembly
Wings-attaching ribs
Finish package
Flying RV pictures
Current status

I will be using this site to document my construction of a Van's RV-7.  My kit was shipped post 2/02 and is the totally pre punch variety.  The construction techniques I will document are for the kits that require no jigs for the emp.  You build this emp. on your work bench.  Pre 2/02 7 kits still required the use of emp. jigs, post 2/02 7 kits do not.  All ribs are pre punched.  There's a little more to building these emps. than just clecoing together and riveting.....................but not much.  Some people will call us assemblers, not builders, but I'll take it:-) 
This is my second homebuilt aircraft, but first aluminum one.  I have finished metal work on the vertical stab, horizontal stab and rudder.   I will be posting pictures of the construction process of each major component.  I will also be adding links to various informative web sites related to this project.  Hang with me, it's going to be a fun ride.
Check back often.  I will be using this home page to post my lastest progress picture.  It may be the lastest greatest or my lastest not so greatest (but you can always drill those out:-).  It will always be a progess report on where I am at in the construction process.  

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The picture of the day
Jan. 12, 2008
My Time Machine, Black Magic 

My time machine

Life is Good


This is what it's all about.  The is a group from TeamRV and Ohio Valley RVators FFI cardholders at a small airport where staging took place prior to a flight to Serfi to perform at the airshow.  Cross country or upside down, these are the airplanes.


I had my interior custom made by Abby at Flightline Interiors (do a google search it will be worth your effort).  Abby provides, in my opinion, the most complete, professionally made interiors available for RV's.  In addition the price is right and the service is beyond reproach.  Great, great person to deal with.
In addition, I built the center armrest out of some left over alum.  The cushion on top is made out of two layers of an old scuba wet suit.  You can also find neoprene in the camping section of most sporting goods stores.

Contact me at Bo124rs@hotmail.com
I live in Richmond, KY,  which is about 20 miles south of Lexington.  My home airport is I-39.  If you are flying by and need fuel, stop and give me a call.  If possible, I'll stop on the way and pick a burger up for you.