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Final Panel w/Trio
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Trio Auto Pilot Install
Trio Install Day 2
Final Panel w/Trio
Vertical Stab
Horizontal Stab 1
Horizontal Stab 2
Horizontal Stab 3
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Elevator 1
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Elevator 7
Wings-Inspections panels
Wings-Rear Spar
Wings-Initial wing assembly
Wings-attaching ribs
Finish package
Flying RV pictures
Current status

The following shots were taken at about 6:30PM Saturday afternoon. I started the Trio Avionics EZ Pilot and EZ2 altitude hold w/vertical speed install at 3PM on Thursday. I ended up having a little over 7 hours of install time, including wiring. I still need to install the roll and pitch momentary disable switches on the panel and roll servo but his completes the panel. The interupts won't be a big deal at all as they are just grounds. As far as the panel goes, all my black switches are in two rows going across where you see the three switches currently installed. It's nice to have the wiring layout out of the way so now it is just strip, clamp and stick it on the battery, main or essential bus.

This Trio install, with the help of Steinair wiring harnesses, was absolutely pain free and without any complications. I don't know about the other auto pilot companies but they could not be any easier than this Trio install. This was a great deal for me, not only the install but features, quality and support. Both these companies rate as high as it comes in my book. Thanks for all the input on private emails and if you have any questions, email me a Bo124rs@hotmail.com

Thanks Trio and Steinair.

Oh, BTW yes that is the Blue Angels playing on the DVD LCD screen.......but where oh where is the player?????



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